[accordion title=”Do epilators hurt?” is_open=”yes”]Not that much. Obviously hair removal is not a natural process and it will sting and hurt just like any other hair removal trick will. The amount it hurts though, varies from person to person. At GeorgiaUSA, we design our epilators to reduce the discomfort as much as possible. Our epilators efficiently remove all hairs they come in contact with in one swift move reducing the discomfort of repeated strokes. They eliminate hair right from its roots, as a result its takes more time for them to grow back. Also GeorgiaUSA epilators are for wet and dry use, hence there is no hesitance of using water to soothe your skin. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”How can I identify that my epilator is for wet use well?” is_open=”no”]Almost all epilators that have cordless operations are for wet use as well. This is for safety purposes. Otherwise the harmless way is to either read the manual thoroughly or look for specific symbols or logos mentioned on the product. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I use my epilator on facial hair?” is_open=”no”] Yes, of course you can. Our epilators are made of the highest quality that guarantee smooth hairless skin. They are also very simple to operate. The head size and comfort level of our epilators is ideal for use on any part of your body. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Epilators should be used before or after showering?” is_open=”no”]It would be most suitable to epilate before showering. A warm bath will be the ideal exfoliate and will soothe and calm your skin. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”How safe are your epilators to use?” is_open=”no”]At GeorgiaUSA safety and portability of our products is of utmost priority. Our epilators have cordless operation. This highly reduces the chance of any accident during wet or dry epilating. They are also equipped with basic cleaning brushes etc. or washing techniques. Our epilators are fully equipped for wet use. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the charging time required by your epilators??” is_open=”no”]GeorgiaUSA epilators require 6-8hrs of average charging time.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the average working time achieved by your epilators on full charge??” is_open=”no”]Our epilators can deliver 45-50mins of working time. Which is efficient enough for satisfied use. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”How to get best results from your epilators?” is_open=”no”]For best results, from GeorgiaUSA epilators we recommend that you exfoliate before use. It prepares you for epilation by removing the dead skin cells that have the tendency to block the removal of hair from your skin. By doing so, you are preventing in-grown hair. Also exfoliation gives radiant smooth skin for quite some time. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Why should I buy GeorgiaUSA epilators?” is_open=”no”] Cordless use

  • 1-2 power setting
  • Wet and dry use
  • Washable
  • Minimum charging
  • 2 year warranty
  • Guaranteed smooth skin


[accordion title=”How should I epilate the first time using your products?” is_open=”no”]If you’re a first timer at exfoliating and to our products, it is necessary that your first thoroughly read your product instructional manual. It is will simple and to the point but equipped with guidelines for proper operation. The second step will be to clean and exfoliate your skin. Then simply hold your skin taut, move your GeorgiaUSA epilator over it and find your skin smooth and hairless. Remember to exfoliate again to reduce in grown hair chances.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do your epilators come with any warranty?” is_open=”no”]All GeorgiaUSA products have a 2 year warranty. This warranty covers all repairs and exchanges of product.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can Curling irons be used on children?” is_open=”yes”]Yes, curling irons can easily be used on children as well. The same precautions and care needs to be undertaken when handling heating appliances. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do your hair curlers effect dyed or color treated hair in any way?” is_open=”no”]No, our products are extremely safe to use. If you are still worried all our hair curlers are equipped with temperature controlling feature. If properly adjusted you minimize the heat effect as per your need. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Should I use serum’s etc. while using GeorgiaUSA curling irons?” is_open=”no”]Yes of course you can, in fact we advise it. For best results you should apply serums, mousse etc. that suit you best. Though you should let them dry out properly before using your curler.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Will you curlers work on all hair types?” is_open=”no”]Yes, GeorgiaUSA hair curlers come in all sizes and with all the essential assortments that accommodate short, long, thick and thin hair.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Why do your curlers have ceramic plates?” is_open=”no”]All curlers at GeorgiaUSA have high quality ceramic coated plates that guarantee equal and maximum distribution of heat. All your delicate curls receive the best amount of attention providing consistent results. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”How do I prevent my curler from heating up? ” is_open=”no”]GeorgiaUSA hair curlers have a built in LED indicator that allows you to prevent your curler from heating up. Also our curlers have an auto turn off feature after one hour. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the purpose of PTC heating technology in your curlers?” is_open=”no”]The Positive Temperature coefficient technology replaces your traditional resistance wire with ceramic chips. This technology generates only the appropriate amount of heat required for proper functioning. This gives our curlers longer life, prevents overheating and gives the best possible results. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do you have any warranty on your curlers?” is_open=”no”]All GeorgiaUSA hair curlers have a 2 year warranty. This warranty covers any repair or exchange of your curler. GeorgiaUSA offers the easiest and most exquisite curling experience with our wide range of hair curlers equipped with various unique features.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What should I be looking for in a good hairdryer? ” is_open=”yes”]The best hair dryer would be the one that is gentle on your hair and does not damage it. After the process your hair should feel as healthy as they look. A good hair dryer dries fast and perfectly without burning out itself.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I find such dryers at GeorgiaUSA?” is_open=”no”]At GeorgiaUSA, each model is specifically designed to beautify your hair in the most gentle and safe method. Our dryers provide the perfect heat supply and drying speed at each setting which ensures the perfect drying temperature. GeorgiaUSA dryers are equipped with different speed setting options for you to adjust according to preference and hair type.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How portable are your hair dryers?” is_open=”no”]GeorgiaUSA dryers are extremely commended and appreciated on their excellent portability features. Customers have specifically remarked on this particular aspect. GeorgiaUSA dryers are equipped with foldable handles and hanging loops to minimize the space they acquire as much as possible. Our dryers are light in weight for easy carrying. Their light weight but extreme efficiency only increases their excellence.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the purpose of ionic technology in hairdryers?” is_open=”no”]The electron ionizer present in some hairdryers produces negative ions that interact and neutralize the positive ions in your wet hair. This results in fast evaporation of water. So they reduce the chance of frizziness and leave your hair shiny. Ionic hair dryers increase the effect of conditioners or serums you may apply.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Does GeorgiaUSA offer ionic hairdryers?” is_open=”no”]GeorgiaUSA has a wide variety of dryers that range from simple dryers to advanced saloon professional ones. Each one is of excellent quality and highly efficient. The GeorgiaUSA ionic hairdryers offer complete hair care. Some dryers have the option of turning off the ionic care.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can your ionic hairdryers cause damage?” is_open=”no”]Our ionic dryers are equipped with the best electron ionizer technology that decrease the dry time, and so reduce the chances of damage.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do you use Ceramic disks in your dryers? How is it useful?” is_open=”no”]Yes, some of our dryers provide brilliant ceramic care. The purpose of this ceramic disk is that it results in minimum heat damage and leaves hair easily manageable. This disk causes the dryer to release Far-infrared heat or ceramic heat that penetrates deep into your hair and leaves it completely dry.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do you have multi-speed setting hair dryers?” is_open=”no”]Yes, speed setting is extremely essential to control the temperature and heat effect. It is essential that you adjust it according to your hair type and style fondness for the best results. GeorgiaUSA dryers have up to 6 settings! To provide maximum hair care.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the Purpose of the concentrated nozzle?” is_open=”no”]It is a new technique that has been proven to extremely improve the working of a hair dryer. As the name suggests it allows the dryer to properly concentrate or focus all its heat on a specific strand of hair and thus giving better results.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How does a diffuser attachment effect the working of GeorgiaUSA Dryers?” is_open=”no”]The diffuser attachment offered in some of our dryers spreads the hot air of the dryer onto a large surface area. This proves much beneficial to people having curly, dry hair. The dispersed air does not affect the wavy pattern of your hair strands.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the purpose of the ‘Cool Shot’ button?” is_open=”no”]One of the popular features in some of our dryers is the added cool shot button. This button immediately turns the heat off. The air flow speeds remains the same but it turns cool that helps the style or shape to stay in place.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How can I extend the life of my hairdryer?” is_open=”no”]Dryer care is essential for prolonging the life of your dryer. It is necessary that you do not over heat the dryer. Also you should be careful not to wrap the connecting cord around the dryer. This can cause sparks.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How to get best results from GeorgiaUSA Hair dryers?” is_open=”no”]To get the best results from our dryers, you should apply a proper serum that suits your hair and also you should be smart in adjusting the speed setting according to your hair type. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do you offer any warranty on your hair dryers?” is_open=”no”]All GeorgiaUSA hair dryers have a 2 year warranty. This warranty covers any exchange or repair of your hairdryer. Tired of not getting the same results with your home dryer as by salon dryers? Order GeorgiaUSA Hairdryers for the best and most beautiful effects! They are portable, easy to use and are equipped with the latest technology to fulfill your every need. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Why all GeorgiaUSA straighteners are termed as ceramic straighteners?” is_open=”yes”]Your entire straightener experience revolves around the plates. All GeorgiaUSA straighteners have high quality metal plates that are coated with ceramic. This crystal coating seals the hair cuticles and ensures equal distribution of heat to every lock of hair. Ceramic coated plates give consistent results with maximum shine and prevent the iron from sticking to your hair.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the purpose of ionic technology in your straighteners?” is_open=”no”]The ionic technology offered in most of our straighteners refers to its capability to generate negative ions. These ions neutralize the positive water molecules in our hair. This leaves hair frizz-free, straight and smooth. The ceramic coated plates are ideal for ionic care.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the purpose of floating plates on your hair straighteners?” is_open=”no”]A good quality straightener is the one that has not one but two floating plates. There is a misconception that floating plates refers to removable plates. No, floating plates states those special features of a straightener that are able to flex around each other. In our straighteners this allows the ceramic plates to get as close to each other as possible and thus properly clamp your hair strands. This confirms proper and fast ironing of your hair.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What kind of straightener should I buy for thick and long hair?” is_open=”no”]We recommend that you on of our straighteners that has a long plate and thick plate for the proper grip of your hair. Also an ionic straightener would give you best and fast results.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I use my straightener abroad?” is_open=”no”]At GeorgiaUSA, all our hair straighteners are equipped to run with extreme efficiency at any universal voltage. This makes them ideal for travelling purposes.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do your straighteners have temperature setting option?” is_open=”no”]Our straighteners are equipped with the feature of temperature and heat control. You can regulate how much heat and direct warmth you are placing on your hair. This helps in minimizing damage and adjusting the straightener to your hair type.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the benefit of the plate lock system in GeorgiaUSA straighteners?” is_open=”no”]A very rare benefit in straighteners is the plate lock system that really improves portability features. This feature is very common in most of our flat irons. It allows the plates to stick together and reduce their surface area. It protects the plates from atmospheric exposure like dust, heat etc. until you have further need of the straightener. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Why is MCH heating type useful?” is_open=”no”]Some straighteners at GeorgiaUSA possess MCH or metal ceramic heating that is extremely useful for its instant heating, temperature compensation and long using life.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What makes GeorgiaUSA straighteners better that others?” is_open=”no”]The wide variety of straighteners offered at GeorgiaUSA are extremely unique. They allow an easy, salon-quality and efficient hair ironing experience.

  • They have an exclusive plate lock system.
  • They are equipped with a 360 ° swirl cord for rough and quick use.
  • They offer temperature setting feature.
  • High-quality floating ceramic plates.
  • Light weight.
  • Led indicators useful in case of overheating.
  • 2 year warranty.


[accordion title=”How do your products prevent themselves from overheating?” is_open=”no”]Our products have LED indicators to notify you in case of overheating. They also possess the capability to turn off automatically after one hour of continuous use.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the range of heat that can be reached by your straighteners?” is_open=”no”]We have products that can achieve 120-230° C which is ideal as proper hair straightening only requires around, a hundred and two hundred degrees of heat, any more than that will dry your hair too rapidly and there will be no control over the finished result.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do GeorgiaUSA hair straighteners come with any warranty?” is_open=”no”]All GeorgiaUSA hair straighteners come with a 2 year warranty. This warranty covers exchange and repair of product. So if you’re looking for salon-quality, silky straight hair, GeorgiaUSA hair straighteners are ideal for you. They are affordable, competent and portable. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”What parts of my body can these shavers be used on?” is_open=”yes”]GeorgiaUSA men shavers are equipped to accommodate all thick and thin hair present anywhere on your body. They have strong, floating blades that reduce risk of harm and ensure smooth removal.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Are floating blades more useful than normal blades?” is_open=”no”]Yes, extremely so. Floating blades are an exclusive introduction into men’s shaving appliances. They refer to the capability of a blade to bend and shape according to your face. This minimizes the chance of cuts etc. and allows fast use of a shaver without possibility of harm.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How to clean my shaver?” is_open=”no”]Each of our shavers have specific guidelines on its maintenance and cleansing. Some of them our washable while others have an attached cleaning brush.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the average charging time required by your shavers?” is_open=”no”]GeorgiaUSA men shavers require maximum 6-8hrs of charging time.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the average working time achieved by your shavers on full charge?” is_open=”no”]Our shavers can achieve up to 45-50 minutes of efficient working time.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I use my shaver abroad?” is_open=”no”]GeorgiaUSA shavers possess a universal voltage. This means you can charge them anywhere and still get the same results.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How do I know if my shaver is suitable for wet use?” is_open=”no”]The cordless function of a shaver usually indicates that it can be put to wet use. However just to be sure, read the instructional manual thoroughly. It will be mentioned with the product.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do I need to buy a trimmer with my GeorgiaUSA shaver?” is_open=”no”]Maybe. Though a GeorgiaUSA shaver is efficient enough on its own, if your still looking for better results you can always order a trimmer from our wide range of excellent products. But also some of our shavers are equipped with built in trimmers.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do GeorgiaUSA shavers come with any warranty?” is_open=”no”]Yes, all our products are equipped with 2 year warranty. This warranty covers all exchange and repair of products.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Are beard trimmers hygienic?” is_open=”no”]Yes, beard trimmers are extremely hygienic and effective. Especially at GeorgiaUSA, all our trimmers have washable and, in some cases, replaceable blades.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Should I use any kind of foam or gel with my trimmer?” is_open=”no”]We don’t recommend it. These foam or gels could contain chemical substances that may harm your beard trimmer.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I use my beard trimmers in the bathroom?” is_open=”no”]Yes GeorgiaUSA beard trimmers are for wet as well as dry use. Once they are charged you simply unplug them and they are ready for efficient use. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”How do I know if my trimmer is for wet use?” is_open=”no”]Almost all trimmers at GeorgiaUSA are cordless and capable of wet use. We are keeping up with the market demand. However if you are unsure if your trimmer is for wet use or not we advise that you thoroughly read your instructional manual. Also look for proper symbols etc. on your product.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What would be the proper way to use your trimmers?” is_open=”no”]If you’re using a GeorgiaUSA trimmer, it would be best to let it do the work. We recommend that you hold it an angle of 90 ° and try to move it opposite to the direction of the growth of your hair. Just stretch your skin, keep a light touch and enjoy an awesome dry shave experience.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How many times should I wash my beard trimmer?” is_open=”no”]Our trimmers are easy and compact. They are designed to be lightweight and washable. It is essential to wash your trimmer after every use. Not doing so could decrease the performance and result of your trimmer.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the average charge time your trimmers require?” is_open=”no”]Our trimmers require an average of 6-8hrs charging time.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is the average working time your trimmers can achieve on full charge?” is_open=”no”]Our trimmers efficiently achieve about 45-50mins of working time on full charge. More than enough time to complete your task.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Are your side products offered in beard trimmer packages useful?” is_open=”no”]Yes Of course. Anyone looking for ideal smooth shaved skin should really consider buying the whole package. They contain the necessities that you will require with a regular trimmer anyway. Our combs, mini shavers and nose hair trimmers etc. match with the quality and working of the main trimmer.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do GeorgiaUSA beard trimmers have any warranty?” is_open=”no”]Yes, all our products are offered with a two year warranty. This warranty covers all exchanges and repairs.[/accordion]



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